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Middle Eastern Studies

We designed this research guide to introduce you to the field of Middle Eastern studies. You'll find the materials, search tools, and other resources you need to start your research.

Our collection

The University of Arizona Library Middle East Collections are all classified into Library of Congress classification and are integrated with other collections in the Library. The Collection covers a wide range of subject areas such as Social Sciences, Humanities, Agriculture, Medicine, Women's Studies and so forth. The collection's strengths are its overall breadth, its concentrations in Middle Eastern languages, literature, and both modern and ancient history, and its extensive serial holdings.

The collection contains more than 65,000 volumes in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Pashtu and Turkish. Other holdings include over 300 current periodicals relating to the Middle East, many in regional languages, back issues of another 200 periodicals that are no longer published, and more than 250 videos and films. For more than a decade, the library has been adding 4-5,000 titles on the Middle East annually. Students benefit from the presence of all important reference works and a wide selection of specialized monographs. There is also a small collection of newspapers and periodicals available.

Hebrew language materials are integrated into the Main Library collections mostly under the PJ call number. English and Western European language material on the Middle East are also integrated into the Main Library Collections.

The Middle East Collection serves the research and teaching needs of the faculty and students of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Modern and Near East), the School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies, and the Judaic Studies Department -- the parts dealing with Israel and Modern Hebrew. Other customers include the Middle Eastern students at the University of Arizona, as well as the Arab, Jewish, Persian, and Turkish citizens of Tucson.

Encyclopedias & handbooks

To search the Library for Middle Eastern languages materials, use the ALA-LC Romanization tables for better search results-