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Student Guide to the Law Library

A guide to services and resources offered through the law library, written for law students.

Study rooms

The Law Library's study rooms can now be reserved in advance or at the moment of access by members of the College of Law community using our online reservation system. Reservations are not required to use any of the spaces or seats, but those with reservations will take priority over those without reservations. You can make your reservation by going to the Student Intranet site, and selecting Law Library Reservations under the Commonly Used Resources list. During Stage 2, study rooms are for individual use only. 

All of our study rooms include a screen that can be connected to a computer via HDMI, as well as a whiteboard. Study rooms 12, 14, and 16 are in the far corner of the lower level, near the window, and feature clear glass doors. Study room 23 is near classroom 21 and the downstairs WEPA printing station, and also features a clear glass door. Study room 31 is in the hallway near the restrooms and the elevator, and features a partially-frosted glass door. Study rooms 41, 43, and 45 are near our tribal law collection, and also feature partially-frosted glass doors.

Lastly, when using the study rooms, please remember that the lower level is the quiet level, and the study rooms are not soundproof, so please keep volume to a reasonable level. Thank you!


The Law Library has 15 computers exclusively for law student use in the computer lab, located on the lower level of the library. Installed software includes MS Office and OpenOffice. A flatbed scanner and Adobe Acrobat Pro are available on one lab computer. There are 9 additional computers available to students and the public in other areas of the library, including 2 student computers near the reference desk. Contact IT Support for additional support offered by the College of Law.

Printing & Scanning

Students can print from the computer lab downstairs or the student computers upstairs. Print jobs can be collected using a student CatCard card from the CatPrints (WEPA) kiosk near the circulation and reference desks on the first floor, or from the CatPrints (WEPA) kiosk near the computer lab on the lower level.

Students may also send wireless print jobs from laptop computers using the campus CatPrints (WEPA) service. Normal printing charges apply. The latest drivers for your computer type can be downloaded and installed from

Single-sided printing costs ten cents per page, double-sided printing costs fifteen cents per two pages. New funds may be added to a CatCard using a debit or credit card at CatCa$h, or by using one of the cash machines at the Student Union.

There are three scanners available for students, all free of charge. The first is a traditional scanner located near the reference desk, and only scans to a USB flash drive. Next, there is a book scanner next to the CatPrint station downstairs, just outside of room 21, which also only scans to a USB flash drive. The instruction on how to use that scanner are provided next to it. Last, there is a flatbed scanner connected the the first computer by the entrance to the computer lab. To use this scanner, the student must log in to the computer. This scanner can scan to an email. If students wish to use a USB flash drive with any of the scanners, they must provide their own.  Students can use the scanner near the reference desk for no charge. You must provide your own USB flash drive.