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ProQuest Regulatory Insight


Use ProQuest Regulatory Insight if you are looking for the regulatory history of specific rules, and/or if you are looking for notices about proposed changes to the rules.  Proquest Regulatory Insight contains Federal Register notices, proposed rules, and rules about the rulemaking process involving specific Public Laws and Executive Orders.

ProQuest Regulatory Insight will link you to relevant documents in ProQuest Legislative Insight, Congressional, and Supreme Court Insight.


Which search should I use?

  • Use "Search by Number" if you know a number for a bill or document
  • Otherwise, use "Advanced Search"

How to search?

  • In both Basic Search and Advanced Search you can use AND, OR, and NOT in your searches. 
    • Search for documents that contain all of your possible words (for example: cocaine AND sentencing)
    • Search for documents that contain at least one of you possible words (for example: "climate change" OR "global warming")
    • Include a word but exclude others (for example: teaching NOT shortage). 
  • If you want to search a phrase, put the phrase in quotes 
  • Use a question mark and asterisk to expand word variations in your search
    • A question mark replaces a single letter in a word, so mari?uana would search for both marijuana and marihuana   
    • An asterisk can replace single or multiple letters, so walk* would retrieve walk, walks, walked, walkers, and walking 
  • Use NEAR/ to search for words that are near one another
    • For example, "stem cell" NEAR/5 research, retrieves documents that have "stem cell" within five words of "research"