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Oxford Academic Journals


Oxford Academic Journals databases contain, as one might expect, a collection of journals published by Oxford University Press. While other databases like HeinOnline also contain extensive journal collections (and obviously has journals that are not published by Oxford), their coverage is not comprehensive, and so Oxford can be a good place to check for secondary sources published by a highly regarded press.  Some of the journals available on Oxford that are not currently found in Hein are:

  • American Law and Economics Review
  • Arbitration Law Reports and Review
  • Capital Markets Law Journal
  • The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law
  • Current Legal Problems
  • Global Summitry
  • ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal
  • International Data Privacy Law
  • International Journal of Transitional Justice
  • Journal of Antitrust Enforcement
  • Journal of Cybersecurity
  • Journal of European Competition Law & Practice
  • Journal of Financial Regulation
  • Journal of Human Rights Practice
  • Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice
  • Journal of International Dispute Settlement
  • Journal of Law and the Biosciences
  • The Journal of World Energy Law & Business
  • London Review of International Law
  • Oxford Journal of Law and Religion
  • Parliamentary Affairs, Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
  • Public Policy & Aging Report
  • Refugee Survey Quarterly
  • Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases
  • Review of Finance
  • Statute Law Review
  • Trusts & Trustees
  • Yearbook of European Law
  • Yearbook of International Environmental Law

Moreover, HeinOnline may not have comprehensive coverage for many of the Oxford journals that are in Hein (e.g. Hein only has the Journal of European International Law for the years 1990-1997). 


Which databases should I search?

  • If you are interested in a particular journal, you may search that particular journal database.  However, if you are doing a more exploratory search, it might be easier to simply search all of Oxford Academic Journals

Which search should I use?

  • Use the "find a specific article" search feature on the "Advanced Search" page if you have a citation
  • If you don't have a citation, but have a good idea of what you want to find, use "Advanced Search" 
  • If you are having trouble retrieving enough results on "Advanced Search," try the "Basic Search" page

How to search?

  • Be aware Oxford Academic is not a very easy database to search efficiently
  • In both Basic Search and Advanced Search, Oxford searches the exact word you enter.  It does NOT search variations of a word and it does not recognize the search connector OR so you may need to run multiple searches for your search to be thorough
  • Oxford Academic runs searches as if all of the words are required, so be careful not to limit your search too much, and be sure to run different variations of your search
  • If you want to search a phrase, put the phrase in quotes