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Finding English and UK Law in the Law Library


The focus of this guide is the laws of England and the UK and where to find them online and in the Law Library's print collection. Much of this collection is old and reflects varying time periods in English/UK history, so there may be some confusion as to what jurisdictions are included in which sources. Older sources may refer only to England or to England and Wales with their shared legal system. Others include references to Ireland (pre-partition) or to Scotland and Northern Ireland. More recent materials incorporate references to European Union law, as UK's membership in the EU continues to shape certain areas of UK law.  Events such as the process of devolution, constitutional reform and, more recently, BREXIT are addressed in current online legal guides and position papers. See the Selected Guides portion of this page for a list of links to sources that describe current developments.

English and UK legal materials are found in the Commonwealth Collection in the lower level of the library as part of our Foreign and International Collection. They should be used for historical purposes only.