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ProQuest Congressional


Use ProQuest Congressional if you are doing a federal legislative history and/or want to find documents published by the U.S. Congress such as:

  • Versions of a bill and related bills
  • Reports
  • Hearings
  • Committee prints
  • Congressional Record editions


Proquest Congressional contains documents for both proposed bills and for bills that did become law.  If your legislative history involves a bill that did become law, ProQuest Congressional will link you to the relevant documents in ProQuest Legislative Insight




Which search should I use?

  • Use "Search by Number" if you know a number for a bill or document
  • Otherwise, use "Advanced Search"

How to search?

  • In both Basic Search and Advanced Search you can use AND, OR, and NOT in your searches. 
    • Search for documents that contain all of your possible words (for example: cocaine AND sentencing)
    • Search for documents that contain at least one of you possible words (for example: "climate change" OR "global warming")
    • Include a word but exclude others (for example: teaching NOT shortage). 
  • If you want to search a phrase, put the phrase in quotes 
  • Use a question mark and asterisk to expand word variations in your search
    • A question mark replaces a single letter in a word, so mari?uana would search for both marijuana and marihuana   
    • An asterisk can replace single or multiple letters, so walk* would retrieve walk, walks, walked, walkers, and walking 
  • Use NEAR/ to search for words that are near one another
    • For example, "stem cell" NEAR/5 research, retrieves documents that have "stem cell" within five words of "research"