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Arizona Primary Legal Materials

A quick guide to Arizona government documents and State court decisions.


Court rules outline procedures for practice in the courts. They answer questions like: How is a suit filed in an Arizona Superior Court?  What evidence is admissible in an Arizona tax court trial?  How can I appeal a case to the Arizona Court of Appeals?  How are cases assigned to judges in Pima county Superior Court?

Some court rules may apply to all state or federal courts, whereas other rules may only able in the individual courts that adopted.  There may also be separate rules for courts with special jurisdiction, for example, the Arizona Tax Court.


Administrative Orders: (Official) Phoenix: Arizona Supreme Court

Court issued orders regarding new and amended rules of court procedure and standards, judicial appointments, and disqualifications or reassignments. Contains policies and procedures to guide municipal, justice of the peace, superior court and appellate courts in Arizona. 

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Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated: (Official) St. Paul, Minnesota: Thomson West, (v.16-17B) 

Annotated compilation of rules governing civil, criminal, and appellate procedure in state courts and local rules of practice in individual counties and cities (Tucson, Phoenix), including justice of the peace, traffic and juvenile courts. Contains rules and judicial review of administrative decisions

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  • Thompson West provides unannotated rules governing civil, criminal, and appellate procedure in Arizona state and local courts.  This includes rules of practices in individual counties and cities (Tucson, Phoenix), including justice of the peace, traffic and juvenile courts.


Arizona Rules of Court (Federal)

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  • Thompson West publishes the official Arizona Rules of Court (federal), as an unannotated compilation of rules of practice in District and Bankruptcy Courts in Arizona and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Includes federal rules of evidence and rules for multi-district litigation and admiralty/maritime claims. Contains some forms. Each annual edition replaces the previous one.  Available in Law Reserve and the Arizona Section
  • Arizona Rules (Federal), 2017. Available in Law Reserve and Arizona Section (First Floor). 

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Cities in Arizona like Tucson and Phoenix have city courts, which can have their own rules.  Westlaw provides free unannotated access to Arizona state and local Court Rules

  • Tucson: The City of Tucson's Local Rules of Practice and Procedure in City Court Civil Proceedings are Available HereFor criminal proceedings, the City of Tucson uses the State of Arizona's Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Phoenix: For the City of Phoenix, the City Court's Local rules of Practice and Procedure for both criminal and civil proceedings are Available Here.

Counties in Arizona also have their own courts.  The Local Rules for Pima County Justice of the Peace Courts Provided for Pre-Trial Conferences in Criminal Cases are Available Here.