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Arizona Primary Legal Materials

A quick guide to Arizona government documents and State court decisions.


When counties pass laws they are called ordinances.  Those ordinances are then usually collected into what is called a code.  So the same law will have both an ordinance number (reflecting when it was passed), and a section number (reflecting where it can be found in the code).  Recently passed ordinances might not be in the latest code.  If you want to find the county law on a particular topic, it would be best to start by looking at the county code, and then seeing if there are any recent ordinances (that haven't been added to the code yet) that would impact your topic.  However, if you want to find recently enacted laws, then it would make sense to start by looking at the ordinances. 

The county code will usually provide the ordinance number, so from the code you can getting the original ordinance number.  If you have an ordinance number, and want to find out where in the code it is, you can look at a table, which provides the current code of an ordinance. (For Pima County, this table is called an Ordinance List and Disposition Table).

Sometimes, counties change how their code sections are organized.  If you want to look at a current section of a code, but only have the old section code number, you can look at a cross-reference table, which provides the current section code, previous section code, and usually, ordinance number.  If the county doesn't have a cross-reference table, sometimes earlier code sections will be noted in the current code.


Pima County Code: (Official) Tallahassee, Florida: Municipal Code Corporation — Available online through the Pima County Clerk's Office, hosted on Municode. Codified ordinances arranged by topic, chapter, then section number. Topics include animals, health and safety, business licenses, building and construction codes, floodplain/erosion management, air quality, highways and traffic, and zoning. Tables correlate A.R.S. statutes and County ordinance numbers. Topical index has cross-references. Updated by periodic looseleaf filings. Available in Law Reserve.


Pima County Ordinances: Pima County Board of Supervisors — Maintains an online database of ordinances, available Pima County Clerk's Office. Individual enactments maintained in year-number order.


AZ County Codes & Ordinances

Maricopa County's Superior Court Law Library Resource Center offers a host of links to other county codes and ordinances in Arizona, including Pima and Maricopa County.  Not all counties offer their entire code online, some only offer zoning ordinances online.

County Resource

Apache County

Zoning Ordinance

Cochise County

Zoning Regulations

Coconino County

Zoning Ordinance

Gila County

Planning and Zoning Ordinance

Graham County

Zoning Ordinances

Greenlee County

Zoning Ordinance

LaPaz County

Community Development

Maricopa County

Zoning Ordinance

Mohave County

Zoning Ordinances

Navajo County

Zoning Ordinances

Pima County

General Ordinances

Procurement Code

Pinal County

General Ordinances

Santa Cruz County

Planning and Zoning

Yavapai County

Zoning Ordinance

Yuma County

Planning and Zoning