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Honors 395 - Honors Colloquium (Spring 2016)

Your Librarian

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Nicole Pagowsky
Main Library A208
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Activity 1: Read This Excerpt To Get Started

Burke's "Unending Conversation" Metaphor

This conversation metaphor can also be applied to the idea of research and scholarly communication. Keep this in mind while reading and when you do Activity #2 below.

Activity 2: Explore the Library and the Research Process

Get in groups of 2-3. You will need to open this activity on an electronic device with access to a camera (smartphone, tablet, laptop). If you can’t take photos with a group member's device, you may want to borrow a tablet or laptop from the library. You can check out electronic equipment on the first floor of the UA Main Library. Come into the Main Library anytime it is open to complete the activity. This should take anywhere from 20-45min depending on how familiar your group already is with the library. Results will be shared with your instructor.

Activity 3: Use additional resources

The databases and tutorials listed on the Resources page will help you locate materials to support your research.