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ENTR: McGuire Center Entrepreneurial Research Guide (Spring 2020)




  • TheStartup411: A curated website with links to a wide range of articles and resources related to the various stages of venture financing, including from the perspective of investors.

  • Small Business Administration: Find information about financing your small business.

  • How to figure the costs of custom mobile business app development: This Formotus blog offers some estimates and analyses.

  • uTest: provides free testing resources for apps.

  • National Association of Manufacturers: Useful for seeing what the big policy issues are as seen by major manufacturing areas, and that can help in scenario planning. Almost every industry and industry segment has its own association, so look for one related to your interest. These associations can be not only excellent sources of industry data, but useful for getting a handle on competition, locating suppliers, and even as a source of contacts for asking about the industry.

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): An excellent government source for locating potential manufacturing partners. For China, try Global Sources and Remember, there is no substitute for face to face, meaning in person; take the trip if you get that far.




See information in the ebooks found at The business plan tab.

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