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The University of Arizona

MAS 435/535 - Mexican Traditional Medicine - 360 Video Project - Fall 2019

Video Tutorials

Online Reading

If you're interested in learning more about VR/AR please check ou the following sites:

  1. Road to VR:

  2. VR Focus:

  3. The New York Times Business and Technology sections, and Bits blog:  (Note: you can register for a complimentary New York Times subscription by logging on to, and using your school email address to set up a user name and password. See this tutorial for help.)

  4. The VR Geeks list:

  5. Engadget:

  6. Twitter hashtags #vr#oculusrift#htcvive. People constantly share cool stuff there and via other hashtags.

Other Resources

You can find more resources on the Experiential Media Diigo List