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MAS 435/535 - Mexican Traditional Medicine - 360 Video Project - Fall 2019

Create your first 360° VR story



Working with your assigned group, create and stitch a 360 video of at least one scene of at least one minute in length. The topic should be loosely based on the given topics (see below), unless your team gets approval for something else. If using more than one scene, use Adobe Premiere to join the stitched videos and apply a simple fade effect between them. You may add text or other special effects if you have time.


What you have to do:


  1. Film your 360 video. Go out beyond the classroom and shoot your 360 story. Cut down on re-shoots and be sure to review your footage while on location for any audio or video errors.
  2. Edit your 360 video. Using Adobe Premiere Pro stitch together your video and include any fades between scenes, title cards, or effects you want to use.
  3. Upload your 360 video to Youtube. Using one of you group member's Youtube account, upload your edited story. Once you're finished, you can use a Google cardboard or other phone-based VR headset to watch it.


How to Upload:




How to Turn it In: Please share video links and information about your group assignments on the course Google doc



Due: Friday, June 8. Each group will share and present their creation in Friday's class.



Don’t put yourself or equipment at risk! Think about these things:

  • What can you reasonably do to stay out of the shot while keeping yourself and equipment safe?

  • If you hide somewhere, how will you make sure someone doesn’t pick up the equipment and steal it?

  • Is this particular location a place that you think could look suspicious if you place the camera, push some buttons that cause lights to flash, then quickly leave and hide behind a pillar while glancing at the camera while pretending like you aren’t doing that?