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Limiting Your Search Using Document Fields

You can limit your search using document fields to search only certain parts of a document - the text, citation, section title, heading, etc. The fields differ depending on the type of database you are searching. You use document fields in searches to try to save time and increase the relevance of your results.


 You want to search the Code of Federal Regulations for all the child labor regulations that discuss 12 year olds. You can use the Preliminary (PR) field to search the preliminary information at the top of a CFR section (title, chapter, subchapter, etc.) and Text (TE) to search only the text of the regulations.


​​​​​​​Finding the Fields Available in a Database

To find the fields that are available for a specific database:

1. Click on the Advanced link.

2. Then, you will see the list of available fields in the database. To see the descriptions of the fields, click the little picture at the bottom of the screen.

3. By clicking on the help screen, you can see which part of documents is searched by each field.