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LRAC Legal Research Class Site

Final Quiz Preparation

You will have 60 minutes (plus 1 minute of grace period) to complete the final quiz in D2L. The quiz is "closed book" meaning that you cannot consult any materials, books, websites, papers, etc. during the quiz. 

The quiz has 33 questions which are worth 3 points apiece on a 100 point scale.

Some of the questions from the weekly quizzes are on the final quiz. Some of these questions might have been reworded, so make sure that you read the questions carefully. Since the final quiz is worth 20% of your final grade, it will be graded harder than your weekly quizzes which were very lightly graded. In order to get 3 points for a question, you must answer the whole question correctly. There is no partial credit for questions. 

The following are suggestions for how to prepare for the final quiz:

  • Study the information on this class site, paying special attention to the information in red and multicolored text
  • Review what you have learned from the weekly exercises
  • Review the weekly quiz questions and answers in D2L 
  • Be sure that you know the official names of research sources such as the Arizona Revised Statutes, Arizona Reports, etc. 
  • Be sure that you having an understanding of the following:
    • Basics of terms and connectors searching 
    • The research process and keeping track of research
    • Different ways to find information in a database
    • The importance of searching in an individual database if searching everything at once didn't work
    • The importance of exploring a database to determine the following:
      • How it is organized?
      • What is in it?
      • Where did the information come from?
      • How up to date is it?
      • How can you find information in it?