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Natural Resources Law Clinic Guide: Bureau of Land Management


The Bureau of Land Management is tasked with managing America's public lands for multiple uses.These uses include energy development, livestock grazing, recreation, timber harvesting, and recreation, including fishing and hunting. In all, the BLM manages more than 10% of America's surface area and more than 30% of America's minerals and soils. The Bureau is a part of the Department of the Interior.


Statutes and Regulations

The statutes are mainly codified in the United State Code in Title 43, Chapter 35 and regulations are codified in Title 43 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Agency Decisions

For agency (Department of the Interior) decisions on land appeals, visit the Office of Hearing and Appeals.

Agency Policies and Guidance

For more information on the Bureau, check out the Bureau's manuals on land management programs and handbooks on how to implement the manuals.  To supplement the manuals and handbooks, the BLM also publishes instructional memorandums, that may contain new policy that needs to be implemented quickly, interpret existing policy, or provide one-time instructions.  Additionally, the BLM publishes information bulletins that supplement that manuals, providing temporary directives (and which do not contain new policy, procedures, or instructional material).