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Nexis Uni


Advantages to using Basic Search:

  • You don't need to know very much detail about the history you want to retrieve

Disadvantages to using Basic Search:

  • You will likely retrieve too many results to find what you want easily
  • Even though you will spend less time formulating your search than in Advanced Search, you will spend much more time sifting through your results unless you filter the results ahead of time using "All Nexis Uni"

Using Basic Search:

  • Just type your search terms into the search bar!  If you need help formulating your search click on the "Tips" link beneath the search bar or look at "General Search Tips" on the "Getting Started" page of this guide
  • Alternatively, you can filter your search by category, jurisdiction, and other limitations, by clicking on "All Nexis Uni"






If you don't filter your search ahead of running your search, you can still filter it after.


  • A search for student health insurance brought back too many results 
  • Along the left-hand side of the page we can filter our results by type of source, search within our results, and narrow by location, publication type, subject, industry, geography, sources, language, practice areas & topics, keywords, and much more.

Filtering the results makes sorting through through them a little more manageable but still may be too much:


If you are looking for a starting place to get an idea for what might be out there in an area of law, Basic Search is not a bad place to start.  But if you are looking for something specific, you can do better with Advanced Search.