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Contract Drafting Resources

Contract Drafting with Westlaw

Westlaw has a variety of forms available as well as products to simplify contract drafting.

Practical Law Connect

Westlaws' Practical Law Connect helps attorneys who advise, negotiate, and draft legal documents finding drafting advice and sample forms.

Click here for a short video overview of the product. 

To access it from Westlaw, click on the drop down arrow next to Thomson Reuters Westlaw and click on Practical Law Connect

From the initial screen, you can navigate through the different practice areas to find what you are looking for.

Asset Purchase Agreement Form Example

To find asset purchase agreement forms, click on Corporate and M&A, then Private Mergers & Acquisitions, and then Draft & Negotiate Acquisition Agreements


Form Finder Database

The Form Finder group database contains all of the forms available on Westlaw. Within the group database, there are smaller databases for each state and the different practice areas. The forms are not fillable online but can be download in Microsoft Word, RTF, WordPerfect, and PDF formats. 

Westlaw Doc & Form Builder

Westlaw Doc & Form Builder is a legal document assembly tool that speeds up the contract drafting process. There are over 20,000 forms which are updated automatically. You can edit forms and save client data.

Click here for a short video overview of the product. There are also numerous video tutorials available when you are signed into the product. 

You can access it from the Form Finder screen on the right side of the page.

There are a variety of jurisdiction and legal topics to choose from.