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Contract Drafting Resources

Contract Drafting with Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law provides a number of resources to assist with contract drafting. On the initial screen, click on Transactional Intelligence Center.


Transaction Intelligence Center

Transaction Intelligence Center provides step by step guidance and subject-specific resource lists for drafting guides, sample forms, timelines, checklists, comparison surveys, overviews and other practical guidance dealing with corporate transactions, corporate governance and corporate compliance.

Precedent Database and Draft Analyzer

Precedent Database contains over 800,000 legal documents used in real transactions which were filed with the SEC. The precedent documents in the database have been analyzed and classified to facilitate searching. You can search for precedent documents and clauses by document type, clause title. keyword, date, transaction type, governing law, SIC industry, party, law firm and attorney.

After you find a document you wish to use you can run Draft Analyzer which compares your draft language against EDGAR exhibits to determine market standard language.

Precedent Search Database

Draft Analyzer