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Solo Practitioner Research Guide

Resources and tools for the attorney who wants to open and run a solo legal practice.


Arizona's court system has three levels:  

  1. The state appellate courts have jurisdiction to review trials and decisions appealed to them. Most appeals come from the superior court, except for death penalty appeals and some cases involving elected officials and disputes between counties, which go directly to the Supreme Court.
  2. The general jurisdiction court is the Superior Court of Arizona, a statewide trial court. This court hears the widest variety of cases and keeps permanent records of court proceedings.
  3. Limited jurisdiction courts are justice and municipal (or city) courts. These courts have jurisdiction over a limited variety of cases. They are nonrecord courts, meaning that permanent records of court proceedings are not required. However, some courts do make a record of proceedings.

Adapted from the Arizona Judicial Branch website.


The Arizona Judicial Branch provides a wealth of information regarding the Courts of Appeal, the Supreme Court, court administration, self help, licensing and regulation, as well as publications and reports. Check out some of their links below.


The Pima County Superior Court provides a number of useful links.


The Tucson City Court also provides a number of useful links.