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Arizona Court & Civil Procedure


  • Black's Law Dictionary. KF 156 .B53 2014. Law Reference, Law Reserve, Compact Shelving lower level. — Currently in its10th edition, this source gives definitions of the terms you may encounter in legal documents.
  • Civil Trial Practice. Daniel J. McAuliffe. KFA 2938 .M32 2001 (Supp. 2014) Law Reserve, Law Arizona Reference — This source gives a thorough analysis of the Arizona courts system, procedures, limits on the jurisdiction of certain courts, and examples of forms. It is updated annually with a pocket part supplement.
  • Arizona Courts Manual: A Guide to Filing Documents and General Procedure.  KFA 2915 .Z9 B58 Law Reserve, Law Arizona Reference — State Bar of Arizona Continuing Legal Education. Most recent 2005. Includes separate sections for all individual courts, state and federal, in Arizona. There are rules for each court, and examples of cover sheets where applicable. Updated twice a year (April & October).
  • Arizona Legal Forms.Civil Procedure. KFA 2468 .A57 201 (Supp. 2013-14). Law Reserve and Law Arizona Reference. — This ten volume set is arranged by broad legal topic areas. Volumes 1, 2 & 2A deal specifically with civil procedure. These forms may be photocopied in order to serve as models for filing documents in Arizona courts.
  • West's Legal Forms. KF 170 W47 2009 (5th ed.). Law Reserve. — A much larger forms set than above. These forms are not state-specific but can be modified for use in Arizona courts. Useful when you can't find a suitable form in Arizona Legal Forms.Updated with pocket parts annually.
  • Arizona Rules of Court. Unclassified. Law Reserve (annual) and online. — These are the rules governing procedure in all Arizona courts. They are also included in volumes 16, 16A, 17, 17A, and 17B of the Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated.
  • Arizona Civil Remedies. Clark, Marilee Miller. KFA 2947 .A955 2015. Law Arizona Reference & Law Reserve. — This two-volume set published by the State Bar of Arizona is designed mainly for attorneys but may be useful for anyone wanting to know what remedies are offered by Arizona courts for specific legal issues. It also includes relevant forms.
  • Membership Directory. State Bar of Arizona. KF 192.A7 S8 (annual). Law Reserve and Law Arizona Reference. — This is the official directory of all current lawyers eligible to practice in the state of Arizona. An online version is also available from the State Bar of Arizona .
  • Handling Child Custody, Abuse, and Adoption Cases. Haralambie, Ann M. KF 547 .H37 2009 (annual pocket part). Law Reserve. — This is actually an attorney practice aid, but is the most comprehensive tool for child-related legal issues in Arizona. If you have questions relating to adoption, custody disputes (both within Arizona and between Arizona and other states), this may be a valuable resource for you to consult.


  •  The State Bar of Arizona website provides users with a link to West's online court rules.
  •  The Supreme Court of Arizona's Judicial Branch Court Rules Forum lists current rules as well as proposed amendments to those rules.

Other Forms

  •  Findlaw — Findlaw continues to provide reliable legal information for a wide range of users.
  •  Everybody's Legal Glossary — From Nolo Press, a publisher of self-help legal guides.
  •  The State Bar of Arizona website offers tips on how to find a lawyer, how to know when you need one, and the state bar    directory. Click on Find a Lawyer to find a lawyer by location and/or specialty.
  •  The online version of Martindale-Hubbell also provides directory listings for attorneys practicing in Arizona and other states.

The Arizona State Bar also offers information on specific legal topics and resources especially for the Arizona public.