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Arizona Legislative History: A Step-By-Step Guide

Strategies and Sources for Legislative History Research


  • Utilize official resources, such as those from the Arizona legislature, state libraries, etc.
  • Contact the library or legislature for help if you cannot locate the information you are seeking.


The Arizona Legislative Information Service website

  • Bills
  • Laws
  • Minutes of Committee Meetings
  • Fact Sheets
  • and more, from 1997 to present.

State Legislature Print Resources

  • Legislative Materials from 1970 to 1997

State Library Resources

  • Bills and laws from 1912 to present.
  • Territorial laws from 1864 to 1912.

University of Arizona Law Library

  • Session laws and codes form 1864 to present.
  • NexisUni provides the most up-to-date information for recent bills and laws. Available free to library users.

Legislative History Definitions and Abbreviations