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Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

AZ guide to estate planning, wills, and trusts.

Estate Planning Books for the Public

Arizona Estate Administration Answer Book - Thomas J. Bouman, Lulu, 2013 (Law, Ariz. Section & Reserve - KFA 2547.B68)

This book is a wonderful resource for Arizona residents who are just beginning their foray into estate planning. It provides general information regarding estate laws in Arizona, including definitions, explanations of procedures, and much more. This volume is best used in conjunction with other estate planning resources.

Topics include: Initial estate planning matters; Getting organized; Creating fiduciary authority; Identifying beneficiaries; Creditor issues; Transferring assets; Closing the estate; Other topics

Estate Planning in Arizona: What You Need to Know - Donald A. Loose, Wheatmark, 2008 (Law, Ariz. Section & Reserve - KFA 2540.L66)

This book is designed for readers with no background in estate planning or law. It gives readers the information needed to perform their estate planning, in simple, non-legalese language. The material covers wills and trusts, probate, power of attorney and medical directives, and property and gifts. To quote one reader "Here is a real fundamental basic crash course in Arizona law. Everything is taken care of in this book...."

Topics include: Wills and trusts; Probate; Powers of attorney and medical directives; Property and gifts.

A Will is Not Enough in Arizona- Amelia E. Pohl, Eagle, 2003 (Law, Ariz. Section & Reserve - KFA 2540.P65)

This resource explains to readers of the general public different ways to strengthen their estate planning. It also covers some of the limitations of standalone, traditional wills. The book covers everything from determining net worth and continuing care, to protecting the home and avoiding probate. When applicable, the authors cite to federal and Arizona statutes for further reading.

Topics include: Your financial check-up; Is probate necessary?; How to avoid probate; Your will- your way; Arranging to pay bills; Your business estate plan; continuing to care; An estate plan for your person; A health care estate plan; A Medicaid qualifying plan; Protecting the homestead; Guiding those you love.

When Someone Dies in Arizona- Amelia E. Pohl, Eagle, 2000 (Law, Ariz. Section & Reserve - KFA 2548.P63)

This is a useful and practical guide that walks the reader through the necessary legal, and practical, steps to take when a friend or loved one passes away. The content covers everything from arranging a funeral and notifying government agencies of the death, to locating financial records and basic estate planning. This resource essentially provides a checklist/roadmap of things that need to be accomplished or considered following a death.

Topics include: The first week; Giving notice of the death; Locating the assets; What bills need to be paid?; Who are the beneficiaries?; Getting possession of hte property; Preneed arrangements; Everyman's estate plan; Completing the process.

Estate Planning Books for Attorneys

Arizona Estate Planning and Probate Handbook - Thomson Reuters, 2016 (Law. Ariz. Section - KFA 2540.A75 A74) Volume 12 of the Arizona Practice Series

This handbook was written specifically for practicing attorneys. It provides extensive citations to case law and statutes, making it a valuable resource for deeper research into Arizona estate planning. While the book was designed for lawyers, non-lawyers may find it useful in locating cases or statutes. Readers who are just learning about estate planning may want to focus on our other, more introductory, resources. 

Topics include: Fundamental matters of planning and practicing; Healthcare and end of life decisions; Intestate succession and wills; Probate of wills and estate administration; Foreign personal representatives and ancillary administration; Protection of persons under disability and their property; Nonprobate transfers; Disclaimer of property interests; Abuse, neglect, or exploitation of vulnerable adults; and the Arizona Trust Code.

Community Property Law - Thomson West, 2004 (Law, Ariz. Section & Reserve - KFA 2497.J32)

This is a useful estate planning resource as Arizona is a community property state. This text offers readers extensive citations and cases for further research, making it a great supplemental resource. Due to the use of legalese, this book is intended for lawyers or those with a background in estate planning.

Topics include: History and development; Development in Arizona; Acquisitions; Separate property; Jointly held property; Prerequisites for community property; Acquisitions of community property; Retirement benefits and life insurance; Mixture; Management of community property; Management prior to 1973; Post-1973 management; Transactions requiring joinder; Liabilities and obligations; 1973 changes; Community and separate liability; Dissolution (transmutation); Methods of termination; terminations by death; dissolution of marriage.