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Citing sources

Why cite?

It's important to cite your sources, for a variety of reasons:

  • To give credit to the author(s) of your sources.
  • To allow your readers to locate your sources.
  • To show that you thoroughly researched your topic and can support your claims.
  • So you don't get in trouble for plagiarizing.

Citation resources

There are a variety of citation styles. Use the one specified by your instructor. If one isn't specified, the field of business typically uses American Psychological Association (APA) style.

These guides will help you format citations correctly:

RefWorks tutorials

RefWorks is a web-based citation manager program available to UA faculty and students. It allows you to import citations from many of our databases, or input them manually, and then create bibliographies automatically in the desired style format. The library has created several interactive tutorials showing how to use RefWorks effectively:

Avoid plagiarism