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LGBTQA+ Awareness

Engineering Librarian & CAPLA Liaison

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Paula C Johnson
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Moving Forward

Teaching Tolerance - A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Best Practices: Creating an LGBT-inclusive School Climate
This article focuses on what k-12 teachers and administers can do to foster a welcoming environment where students can learn and interact with their peers. Readers could extend some of these ideas to the university setting.

GLSEN. Developing LGBT-Inclusive Classroom Resources
Offers ideas on how to make your classroom LGBT inclusive. Includes considerations for how to teach LGBT issues into conjunction with common core lesson plans. 

Szalacha, L. A. (2004). Educating teachers on LGBTQ issues. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education, 1(4), 67-79. doi:10.1300/J367v01n04_07
“Research into Practice” includes reviews of educational policies and procedures, professional development and practice, pedagogy, school climates, and curriculum development with foci on students, teachers, administrators, counselors, youth group advisors, and parents at all levels of education.

Beemyn, B. (2003). Serving the needs of transgender college students. Journal of Gay & Lesbian Issues in Education, 1(1), 33-50. doi:10.1300/J367v01n01_03
Transgender youth have become more visible in the last decade but remain one of the most underserved populations on college campuses. This article provides a brief history of transgenderism before discussing the handful of published narratives by transgender youth. It concludes with recommendations for educators seeking to improve the campus climate for people of all genders.

Seelman, K. L. (2014). Recommendations of transgender students, staff, and faculty in the USA for improving college campuses. Gender and Education, 26(6), 618-635. doi:10.1080/09540253.2014.935300
This study suggests institutional actions and policy changes for higher education administrators and others committed to improving campuses for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Singh, A. A., Meng, S., & Hansen, A. (2013). “It's already hard enough being a student”: Developing affirming college environments for trans youth. Journal of LGBT Youth, 10(3), 208-223. doi:10.1080/19361653.2013.800770
This study looks at students who engage in self-advocacy within their college environments, and provides information for college personnel to design culturally responsive higher education environments for trans youth.