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weird one- Library Toolkit for Professional Support Staff: Reference Managers

This guide will provide helpful tips and resources that may be relevant to the work of a variety of support professionals including: administrative assistants, administrative associates, program coordinators, and research assistants.


Reference managers are tools that can be used to collect, store, and organize citations. Furthermore, many of these products have plugins which work with a word processor so that the reference manager can be linked with the word processor and citations can be inserted into the word document and instantly formatted to a specified style.

Reference Managers can be used to collect citations for author publications. They can also be used to collect citations for publications to be cited in a manuscript. Most of the reference managers provide the option to create folders for organization.

The University of Arizona provides access to three products:

  • EndNote (Desktop and Web based version)
  • RefWorks (Web based product)
  • Mendeley (Desktop and Web based version)

The library has a page that links to these resources including the library guides for them:

The library provides training and support on the use of these products. If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session or schedule a class training session, please contact AHSL.

*Please note,  the desktop version of EndNote must be purchased. A discounted license may be purchased through the University of Arizona bookstore.