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The ePortfolio In General Education: Overview

Why are you creating an ePortfolio for your General Education?

Learning is an ongoing process, and your ePortfolio is a tool you will use to capture what you’ve learned from your Gen Ed experience and why that matters to you.

You’ll start creating your Gen Ed ePortfolio in UNIV 101: Introduction to the General Education Experience.

Throughout your Gen Ed program, you will add your Signature Assignments as you take more Gen Ed courses. You will create a final version of your Gen Ed ePortfolio in the UNIV 301: General Education Portfolio course. 

To get started, log into with your UA NetID and Password.

Your About Me Page

About Me

Editing your About Me page is a great way to get started and make your ePortfolio your own. This topic will cover how to add photos, add text descriptions, edit pages, as well as how to publish and share your ePortfolio with your classmates.

Video tutorials (estimated time: 60-90 seconds per video)

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Story of a Lifelong Learner

Lifelong Learning

Once you have created your Story of a Lifelong Learner for UNIV 101, you will add the project to your ePortfolio. Want to make sure your Instructor can see your final project? Make sure to publish your changes and share the link to your ePortfolio. 

Video tutorials (estimated time: 60 - 120 seconds per video)

Your Wonderosity Project


Once you have created your Wonderosity Project for UNIV 101, you will add the project to your ePortfolio. This topic will cover how to add content, add text, rearrange items, and resources you can use to create your Wonderosity Project.

Video tutorials (estimated time: 60-120 seconds per video)

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Lifelong Learning Journey Map

learning map

Are you taking the UNIV 301: General Education Portfolio right now? Once you have created your final project for UNIV 301, your Lifelong Learning Journey map, you will add the project to your ePortfolio along with your reflection, just as you did for your assignments in UNIV 101.

Be sure to publish your changes and share your link to your ePortfolio so your Instructor can view your final project.

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Signature Assignments

hands on laptop, leaves nearby, orange background

As you complete your general education, you will want to save your signature assignments and other work from your classes that meant a lot to you so you can add these learning artifacts to your ePortfolio.

Make it a habit during each semester to save your work, and more importantly, reflect on why you saved that learning artifact. This will make it easier for you to keep up with your ePortfolio, and more importantly, remember all that you learned!

Video tutorials (estimated time: 120 seconds per video)

Gen Ed ePortfolio Examples

Looking for some examples of Gen Ed ePortfolios? Take a look at what a few of your peers have created so far! 

While these are great examples, be sure to reference your own class assignment descriptions and rubrics to understand how to complete these course assignments, as they may differ from the examples you see in these ePortfolios. 

Thank you to the following students who allowed us to share their ePortfolios with you as examples.

  • Chaz Wright Education ePortfolio
    • Chaz has done a great job customizing their About Me page.
  • Jenna Cruz ePortfolio
    • Notice how Jenna has started adding Signature Assignments and Learning Artifacts from their classes so far.
  • Chase Henderson Gen Ed ePortfolio
    • Chase has added their UNIV 101 assignments which might offer some inspiration for your own.
  • Dominique Feliciano's Gen Ed ePortfolio
    • Dominique has a variety of Signature Assignments and learning artifacts in their ePortfolio, along with some thoughtful reflections. 
  • Note: To view these ePortfolios, you will need to be logged into your Digication account.

Dive Deeper

Fall 2023 Gen Ed ePortfolio workshops and drop-in hours

Personalize your Gen Ed ePortfolio: Adding Learning Artifacts

  • Monday, 10/23 drop-in between 2-3:30pm at the Main Library Room B254
  • Monday, 10/23 at 8 pm on Zoom
  • Tuesday, 10/24 at 7pm on Zoom
  • Wednesday, 10/25 at 6pm at Bear Down Building Room 212

To dive deeper into your ePortfolio, take a look at the step-by-step guides, or chat, text, or email us with your questions!