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Copy of Social Reform in Sports [TESTING ONLY]


Discipline(s):US History; Gender and Women’s Studies; Sports Studies

Course number and name: GWS 150B5 Sport, Sex, and Society

Background/context for lesson: This lesson is both an introduction to and an extension for our Unit on Social Reform in Sports. The lesson introduces students to the connections between sports and social reform(specifically rational dress and women’s suffrage/feminism), ideologies around women’s participation in early sport, as well as the importance of the material aspects of sports (cost, availability, etc).The unit extended past this historical investigation of Gilded Age/Progressive Era cycing into the present day and we ended the unit by looking at a variety of examples of “gear” and materiality of sports–including sports bras, gendered footwear, plus size gear and body image, and even media coverage of women’s sports.

Time needed: 1full 75 min class period and part of a second class plus essay writing time

Learning Objectives

By engaging in this lesson, students will:

  1. Critically read primary sources (especially images)
  2. Make connections between sports and social reform movements –specifically dress reform and feminism
  3. Consider the role materials (gear) play in the liberation and/or oppression of bodies at play