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Mental Health Resources

University and local mental health resources available to Law Students


The University of Arizona’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office offers psychological counseling to students to help them cope with personal problems so that they can successfully achieve their educational goals.

Licensed professionals provide brief treatment for anxiety, depression, difficulties with relationships, family problems, food/body image concerns, alcohol and drug (ADD) concerns, life crises and other issues

For more information about CAPS services and establish individualized care that would work best for you, please see the CAPS care pathways homepage here, or see this list of custom care options:

  • ADHD Clinic - The ADHD Clinic offers a wide range of services to support students, including medication management, individual and group counseling, and psychodiagnostic evaluation.
  • Eating & Body Image Concerns - Multidisciplinary EAT team includes counselors, psychiatrists, dietitians, and medical providers that specialize in disordered eating and body image concerns
  • Alcohol and other Drug Concerns -  CAPS provides short-term and goal-focused outpatient treatment for students with substance-related concerns. Services range from self-help tools and AA meetings to individual counseling, psychiatry, and referrals for off-campus support. 
  • Short-Term Counseling - CAPS offers brief, solution-focused therapy. In just a few counseling sessions, you'll focus on your specific goals, explore solutions to your concerns, and learn strategies to help you achieve your goals.
  • Short-Term Psychiatry Services - Psychotropic medications (medication for psychiatric symptoms) can help treat some short or long-term mental health concerns. If you're on medication or you'd like to know if medication would benefit your mental health, we're here to guide you through the process
  • Couples Counseling - Any couple, wherever they are in their relationship, can benefit from healthy communication strategies, conflict resolution, and boundaries among other couples' interests (Couples relationships are defined by the student, and CAPS is inclusive of all types of couples (polyamory, LGBTQ+, etc.). Only one person needs to be an enrolled student).
  • Group Therapy - CAPS offers a variety of groups and workshops tailored to the common questions and concerns students have.
  • Oasis Sexual Assault, Gender-Based Violence, & Trauma Services - Oasis is committed to the empowerment and healing of student survivors. We provide confidential services for students of all genders who have experienced sexual or gender-based violence including sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.
  • LGBTQ+ Mental Health - CAPS and Campus Health are dedicated to providing high quality, respectful, and gender-affirming care for all of students.  
  • Cultural & Resource Center Counselors - CAPS Counselors and Liaisons provide consultation, guidance, and resources to students at each of the campus Cultural and Resource Centers.
  • UA Campus Health Suicide Prevention InitiativeThis site offers tangible steps that anyone can take to learn the correct terminology for talking about suicide, dispelling myths around suicide, familiarizing yourself with suicide prevention resources, or asking someone you’re concerned about if they’re thinking about suicide are all a part of suicide prevention.

Mental Health Screenings

Take a free mental health survey to learn more about yourself and your experiences here.

Mental Health Wellness Tools

For University related Mental Health wellness tools, go here.

Sleep & Mental Health