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Student Worker Circulation Guide

This guide is meant to provide basic direction and relevant information for student workers in the Law Library working the circulation desk.


Lost and found items are located in a locked cabinet at the Circulation desk. During regular shifts, the key to the Lost & Found cabinet is in the second drawer in the cabinets across from circulation managers office.

Whenever a lost and found item is brought to the Circulation desk, tape a note onto the item (or if needed, place in an envelope and mark on the outside of the envelope) where the item was found and the date the item was left at the Circulation desk.

Please do not accept water bottles for Lost & Found unless a very special high-end type. Bike tires and other such oddities are also items that are not retained in Lost & Found. If you have a question about whether to retain something in Lost & Found, check with the Head of Circulation.

Place the items in the Lost & Found cabinet. Make sure to lock the cabinet and return the key to the drawer.

Lost & Found items are not kept forever. Items are reviewed every couple months. Any items without identification are tossed or given to charity. All items with notes are kept until the end of a semester, after which they are tossed or given to charity.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not let patrons leave items (such as book bags, computers, etc.)  at the circulation desk. This is a liability we do not want to take on in case of the rare occurrence the item in question were to disappear.  If the item fits in the lost and found, you may leave it in there.