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Student Worker Circulation Guide

This guide is meant to provide basic direction and relevant information for student workers in the Law Library working the circulation desk.


The Law Library keeps one copy of books law professors require for their course during a semester. On occasion we may keep more than one copy of some books, such as the Bluebook.

A Course Reserves record is created for each course and lists the books that are required for the course.  Course Reserves records are held for one year and then deleted.

Course Reserves books are placed in call number order on shelves inside the Circulation pod.  Each book is labeled with star for identification.  At the end of each semester, the books are removed and re-shelved in the collection.


Course Reserve shelf browse

  • A easy way to is browse the Course Reserves shelves.  If you have an idea what call number range a topic falls within (for example, Contracts is in the 800's) that can help.

Using Alma

  • Select "Fulfillment" and then under Course Reserves, select "Courses."
  • Search by Course Number (called Course Code in Alma), Professor name, or Course Name.
  • Enter the information and click search.
  • Using Course Name may not always turn up results OR you may retrieve several course (some no longer active), which you will have to look through to locate the correct course.
  • To locate items that have been placed on reserves:
    • Click on the ellipsis (three dots) to the right (...)
    • From the drop down box, select "Reading List."
    • Scroll through the reading list to locate the item.
    • Click on "Physical" to retrieve the call number for the item.

Using Primo

  • Bring up Primo and select "Advanced Search."
  • Select from the "Any Field" drop down box either Course Name of Course Instructor.
  • Enter the Course Name or the Course Instructor in the search box.  Click search.
  • The call number should be available in the results list. If not, click the item to locate the call number.
  • Write down the call number and locate the item on the Course Reserve shelf.
  • Sometimes, Primo is easier than Alma when trying to locate an item on Course Reserve.


Course Reserves books may be checked out 2 hours at a time.  Sometimes students do not return Reserves books timely, especially during the Final Exams period. You may need to send a reminder email or locate the student in the library to get the item back so you can check it out to someone else who is waiting to use the book. 

To locate the name of a patron who has an item check out, do the following:

  • Go to "Fulfillment" and select "Manage Patrons."
  • Search for the title of the item.
  • From the results list, select the item that has not been returned.
  • Click on the items link.
  • On the page that comes up, Loan (hyperlinked) will appear under the Process type column.
  • Click on Loan. The patron's name will appear on the page that comes up.