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Student Worker Circulation Guide

This guide is meant to provide basic direction and relevant information for student workers in the Law Library working the circulation desk.


We often receive phone calls and in-person request at the circulation desk from public patrons seeking legal help from either staff, faculty, or law students. This is often included with statements like " I heard from so-and-so that there are law students who do pro-bono legal work at the law library" or " I heard there are sometimes attorneys at the law library who offer free legal help for the public". Sadly, this has never been the case (or least it is not the case now). The reason this is the case is because in order to provide legal help, someone must have their law degree as well as have passed the Arizona Bar Exam, and no such individuals work in the Law Library.

Whenever you receive questions looking for legal help, which can be anything from questions about interpreting a law or legal ruling, questions about what someone should do in a personal legal challenge, or even filling out a legal form, your standard response should be "The law library and the college of law does not persons who can provide legal help of any kind". We can only assist people with legal research questions and provide access to legal resources.

The rest of this guide will provide a list of some local resources which you can point these patrons to, and at any time you have a questions or have to point a patron to a staff with questions about about legal help, please point them to our reference team at reference@law-arizona.libanswers.com.


The Law Library Fellows can help with legal research questions, but they cannot do legal research projects for patrons. You can direct patrons to the Reference Desk email account (reference@law-arizona.libanswers.com) or refer them to the Reference Desk phone number (520-621-5466) which is answered during regular reference desk hours. 


General Resources:

  • AZ Court Help is a great Arizona resource. The site offers a self-help center, form finder, court locator, and legal aid options. It also offers a live chat option - https://azcourthelp.org/.
  • Arizona Superior Court in Pima County. This local resource provides links to forms and the Superior Court Law Library's website with additional helpful information (see links at top of navigation bar) -  https://www.sc.pima.gov/

Topic Specific Resources:

Legal Services, including free, low cost, and lawyer referral: