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Student Worker Circulation Guide

This guide is meant to provide basic direction and relevant information for student workers in the Law Library working the circulation desk.


ALMA is the staff-facing side of the university library catalog. ALMA is what we use to investigate patron accounts, check in and out books, manage holds, and keep course reserve list. All of the work we do will be under the Fulfillment tab on the left hand side of the page.

To access Alma, go to: https://arizona-ua.alma.exlibrisgroup.com/institution/01UA_INST/SAML

Managing Patron Accounts

  • Select Manage Patron Services
  • In the Scan patron's ID box, either scan cat card or search the patrons name using last name, first name
  • Here you can see current loans under the loans tab, recent returned books under the returns tab, and see current hold request under the request tab
  • To see more information about the patron, select the hyperlinked cat card number beside the ID field which is above the User group designation. Here you can see a patrons current status as a student under the General Information tab and Statistics tab. You can also pull the students email address from the Contact Information tab
  • The User group designation will tell you whether this person is a law student, law faculty, or university student or university faculty

Checking-out Loans

  • Select Manage Patron Services
  • In the Scan patron's ID box, scan cat card into the box. It is highly suggested not to do a loan by searching a patrons name without a cat card without some kind of ID
  • Under the loans tab, scan book barcode in the Scan item barcode box. Make sure the book shows up properly after you scan it
  • Once all books are scanned, select the Done button in blue at the top-right hand of the page
  • Desensitize books before handing them to patron

Checking-in Loans

  • In the Fulfillment  section in ALMA, select Scan In Items
  • In the Scan item barcode box, scan the book barcode
  • When you are done, sensitize the books before returning to the shelf

Finding Books on Course Reserve

  • In the Fulfillment section of ALMA, select Courses
  • You can search by course code, course name, or professor
  • When you locate the correct course code, course name, or professor, select the ellipsis on the right hand side of the course, and select Reading List
  • Select the ellipsis again on the right hand side of the course, and select View
  • Here you will see the books placed on course reserve for that class, as well as the books location (always in the Reserve collection)


You can search for books in ALMA by using the search bar at the top of the page in ALMA.

The box on the left-hand side of the search bar is likely going to say All Titles. Change this to Physical Titles for a more accurate, book specific search.

The box to the right of that will allow you to search by title, keyword, creator (author), and physical call number.

When you pull up a book, you will be able to see its: title, author, publication date; as well as the library its held at, location, call number, and whether it is available or not.


To place a book on hold for a patron, first do a search for the book in ALMA. Once you locate it, do the following:

  • On the right -hand side of the book title, next to the Holdings and Items buttons, select the ellipses and select Request.
  • Under Request Type, choose Patron physical item request.
  • The under requester, type in the patrons name (Last, First). Once you find the correct patrons, click on their name.
  • Under Pickup At, you and either choose the Main library for the patron to pick up the book, or the Law Library. Ask the patron their preference.
  • On the top right-hand side of the page, select the blue Submit button to initiate the hold request.


Many materials in the Law Library do not circulate, including single volumes from multi-volume sets. Generally, only single volume treatises or books may be checked out to University faculty, students, and staff. 

A University of Arizona CatCard is required to check out materials. 

Members of the general public, including attorneys, do not have circulation privileges but are welcome to use materials in the library for their legal research needs.

Course Reserves and regular Reserves materials may be checked out for two hours for in-library use only.  Patrons without a CatCard will be asked to leave a valid form of official identification (e.g., driver's license) at the Reserve Desk until the item is returned.

All checked-out items are subject to recall at any time. Although the Law Library does not impose fines, items are expected to be returned by the date due. Items not returned may result in a block on your borrowing privileges.  

All loans are made through the university libraries and renew automatically and check out in 21 day cycles. As of February 2022 law materials renew the same number of times as Main library books do:

- 9 months for undergrads and community users

- 3 years for community users (level 2) and Arizona businesses

- 6 years for faculty, staff, grad students, and honor students

- Unlimited for law materials checked out to law faculty (but are subject to recall)