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Administrative Law Research: Immigration Concentration Class Site

No Quiz or Exercise for Week 7

There is no quiz or exercise for week 7, but read this Week 7 information before you take the final quiz because there will be some questions about it on it.

Federal Regulatory History

Since agencies have to publish all proposed and final regulations in the Federal Register, you can find the history of a regulation all in one place.

Remember that there are many different sources of the Federal Register!

History of a Single Regulation

If you are interested in how a single regulation has changed over the years, you can look at the history information on Lexis or Westlaw.

Westlaw Credits

In Westlaw, the historical information for the regulation is listed under Credits. You can click on the Federal Register citation to see how it created or amended the regulations.

According to Westlaw, there are two parts to the Credits segment - Federal Register citations that affected the individual regulation and and Federal Register citations that affected the entire CFR part.

Parentheses: These Federal Register citations created or amended this individual CFR section (8 CFR § 312.1)

SOURCE: These Federal Register citations are for changes applicable to  the whole CFR part (Part 312)

In reality, this doesn't seem to be true and they all appear to be jumbled together, so it is a good idea to check both when you are looking for changes to a regulation.

Westlaw Example - 8 CFR § 312.1

You are interested in the history of this regulation so you click on the earliest Federal Register citation, the one from 1991, to see the text of the original regulation. The you click on the later regulations to see how it has changed over the years.


History of Regulations on a Topic

Above, you looked at the history of a single CFR section about literacy requirements for naturalization -  8 CFR § 312.1.

Sometimes you might be interested in not just the current regulation(s) on a topic, but all the regulations there have been throughout history on a topic. If so, you can search a Federal Register database to find the prior regulations on a topic.

Westlaw Example

You can search the Federal Register - All database by keyword and use the PR segment to limit your search so you only retrieve final rules.