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Administrative Law Research: Immigration Concentration Class Site

Week 2 Objectives

The objectives for Week 2 are for students to:

Immigration Acts/Federal Acts

  • Be familiar with the Immigration and Nationality Act
  • Understand how to find parallel citations for immigration statutes/acts when you know either the USC section or the INA section
  • Understand how to use a popular name table to find where a section of a public law is codified in the United States Code
  • Understand how federal acts are codified into the United States Code

Terms and Connectors Searching Review

  • Understand that a concept can be expressed in a variety of different ways (with different keywords)
  • Understand how to choose keywords
  • Run searches using AND, OR, and proximity connectors
  • Understand singular/plural and truncation rules

Statutes Review

  • Efficiently retrieve statutes using a variety of methods (index, table of contents, searching)
  • Differentiate between annotated and unannotated codes
  • Understand how annotated codes are one-stop research shopping because they provide cases that interpret that statute and secondary sources that explain it
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