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Administrative Law Research: Immigration Concentration Class Site

Week 1 Objectives

The objectives of Week 1 are for students to:

  • Understand the basic framework of state administrative law
  • Explain the state regulatory process
  • Explain the role of the Arizona Administrative Procedures Act
  • Explain the creation, roles, and responsibilities of state agencies
  • Define key concepts such as regulations, registers, enabling acts, etc.
  • Explain the purpose of state regulations
  • Explain the purpose and organization of the Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) and Arizona Administrative Register (A.A.R.)
  • Efficiently use different online sources for Arizona regulatory research (Westlaw, Lexis, Arizona Secretary of State website, etc.)
  • Efficiently locate Arizona statutes and regulations on specific topics using:
    • Secondary sources
    • Indexes, tables of contents, and keyword searching
    • Agency websites
  • Explain the relationship between statutes and regulations
  • Understand the authority and historical information for a regulation
  • Efficiently locate Arizona administrative decisions