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Administrative Law Research: Immigration Concentration Class Site

What is Administrative Law?

Administrative law is basically the law that governs agencies and defines their role in our political system and the three branches of government.

Justice Breyer defines administrative law in four parts as the legal rules and principles that:

  1. Define the authority and structure of administrative agencies
  2. Specify the procedural formalities employed by agencies
  3. Determine the validity of agency decisions
  4. Define the role of reviewing courts and other governmental entities in relation to administrative agencies

In this class, we are NOT learning about substantive administrative law. We are learning how to RESEARCH an area of law that is heavily regulated by agencies - immigration law.  Research in a heavily regulated area of law like immigration is called administrative law research because the research involves a lot of the administrative regulations, agency decisions, and guidance documents produced by agencies.

Click here to watch a video about the difference between administrative law and administrative law legal research. 

What is Administrative Law Continued?

As you have probably noticed, the more you know about a topic, the easier it is to research it. So, although this class is not about the substantive area of administrative law, it is still useful to start with an overview of agencies, the executive branch, and administrative law.   

Click here and here to watch some useful and informative YouTube videos which provide background information on agencies and administrative law.

Geez...So Many Videos!??

Don't worry, there aren't usually so many videos!! For the first couple of weeks I feel like it's easier to explain stuff in videos, but there are a lot fewer as the weeks go by.  

And, of course, if you don't mind the increased squeakiness of my already squeaky voice, be sure to increase the speed of the video playback.