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Arizona Law "New Safe Return" Plan: 3.0 Arizona Law COVID Task Force

Guidelines for the College of Law's new safe return to campus

3.0 Arizona Law COVID Task Force

To implement, evaluate, and update this Plan as circumstances and UArizona guidance require, Arizona Law will establish a “COVID Task Force.”

MILESTONE: The members of the Task Force will be appointed and begin to convene by August 1, 2020Milestone completed.

The COVID Task Force will have at least six members, all of whom shall be selected by the Arizona Law Dean. At least one member must be drawn from the faculty, one from the staff, and one from the student body.

In coordination with the Arizona Law Dean’s Office and subject to its direction, the COVID Task Force will be responsible for implementing this Plan. 

For the duration of the 2020-21 academic year, the Task Force shall meet at least weekly to evaluate new information about COVID-19 or incidence of the disease at Arizona Law or UArizona and to supervise implementation of this Plan, evaluate its effectiveness, and make any necessary revisions. Thereafter, the Task Force shall continue to meet as the Dean and Task Force chair deem necessary. At all times, the Task Force shall make every practical effort to ensure that this Plan conforms to the latest UArizona guidance and directives. In case of any conflict between this Plan and those directives, UArizona directives shall take precedence. Arizona Law may seek variances if necessary to keep its community safe.  

The Task Force shall continue to identify relevant sources of information to guide its work. At the outset, these sources likely will include information produced as part of this Plan and information provided byUArizona’s Data Platforms and Communications Committee.

Unless otherwise specified below, the COVID Task Force and the Dean’s Office shall possess sole authority to make exceptions to this Plan. 

At least three members of the Task Force designated by the Dean shall serve as a data monitoring and oversight subgroup. These members shall be responsible for ongoing data review, relaying information to the overall Task Force, and ensuring that all data collection, storage, and disclosure conform with applicable IRB and privacy standards.