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Arizona Law "New Safe Return" Plan: 2.0 GUIDING PRINCIPLES

Guidelines for the College of Law's new safe return to campus


The Plan is designed to promote overall community safety through rational, effective, and science-forward interventions, while carefully balancing personal respect, dignity, privacy, equality, and individual rights. It incorporates UArizona’s Guiding Principles and the best elements of other available guidance to address the unique circumstances of Arizona Law.

The Plan adopts and incorporates the Guiding Principles established by the University of Arizona:

  1. Equitable outcomes for all students, staff, and faculty regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or their need to refrain from in-person activities due to concerns about COVID-19.
  2. Rapid identification and containment of COVID-19 case clusters in UArizona communities.
  3. On-campus and off-campus isolation options and wraparound wellness services for students, staff, and faculty with confirmed COVID-19 infection.
  4. Protection of individuals in our UArizona community, and their family members, who are vulnerable to severe COVID-19 disease, and to harassment or discrimination.
  5. Commitment to transparent and participatory decision making with regard to reopening UArizona campuses with clear and consistent communication protocols.
  6. Vigilance in regular review and updating of approaches according to a rapidly emerging evidence base with active monitoring by key advisors from across UArizona colleges and support units.

This Plan also incorporates the latest University of Arizona Campus Re-entry Plan Working Group directives, including those published by the Implementation Planning Team; the Test, Trace, and Treat Team; and the UArizona Return to the University Workplace Team. If and when new or revised guidance is provided, this Plan will be updated to reflect those changes.

Arizona Law adopts UArizona’s “Test, Trace, Treat” plan of action and additional principles outlined here:

  1. Offer flexible participation: Explore remote and hybrid learning, working, and teaching options for students, staff, and faculty to protect individuals vulnerable to COVID-19 and reduce campus density to the extent possible. Provide students with choices about whether to participate in classes virtually or in person.
  2. Minimize contact and reduce crowding: Reduce instances of close physical contact among students, faculty, staff, and visitors during on-campus activities.
  3. Minimize transmission: Reduce the probability of transmission of COVID-19 during in-person campus activities.
  4. Foster a culture of support:
    1. Communicate: maintain an active COVID-19 Reopening Campus communication plan to minimize confusion.
    2. Protect: protect all students and employees within our community and focus particularly on protecting more vulnerable individuals.
      1. supply a “return to campus” kit to facilitate safe reopening and foster confidence and solidarity within our community. The kit will include an Arizona Law mask, a spray bottle for disinfectant, and a touch tool.
      2. provide sanitization stations throughout campus to encourage users of common spaces to sanitize both before and after use.
    3. Connect: promote a culture of wellness and sense of community.
      1. hang posters promoting physical, emotional, and mental health.
      2. furnish food and beverages to community members to demonstrate care while simultaneously reducing the need for members to leave the COL campus to purchase coffee or snacks.
      3. designate a person or persons to assist students and/or employees in distress as a result of COVID-19.
    4. Comport: adhere to UArizona baseline Guideline Principles.
  5. Exceed baselines where possible to respond to Arizona Law’s unique workforce and circumstances.
  6. Model science-forward and Arizona Law-sensitive measures that respond to emerging research.
  7. Model rights-sensitive strategies for community (workforce and student) compliance.
  8. Subject protocols to periodic review and adaptation as new information and virus-related impacts at Arizona Law emerge.

Following UArizona guiding principles, this Plan recognizes and commits to equitable outcomes for individuals and groups at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 according to the CDC, including older adults and people with underlying health conditions.

Furthermore, Arizona Law recognizes the disparate impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on particular communities, e.g., frontline workers, communities of color, and lower-income workers. The CDC highlights the “long-standing systemic health and social inequities” as contributing factors to this disparate impact. Arizona Law will continue to monitor and attempt to mitigate these disparate impacts through such accommodations as UArizona and other applicable law and policies allow. It is imperative that this Plan provide equitable opportunities and outcomes for all members of the Arizona Law community regardless of position.

The overall outcome goals of this Plan are to:

  1. Allow Arizona Law to carry out its mission, modulated by the realities of the COVID era;
  2. Advance the education, research, scholarship, outreach, and experiential capacity of Arizona Law, in sync with the University, under the new operating reality;
  3. Foster safe achievement of collective and individual academic success;
  4. Communicate often and effectively with the Arizona Law community;
  5. Foster a culture of teamwork, positivity, collaboration and support for all involved; and
  6. Foster a smart, safe, and connected Arizona Law community.