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Arizona Law "New Safe Return" Plan: APPENDIX

Guidelines for the College of Law's new safe return to campus




  1. Research Study for College of Law and College of Engineering: (restricted; available upon request)

  2. Arizona Law Pledge for a Safe Return (draft)

  3. COVID-19 Adjusted Teaching Models for UA’s Domestic Campuses (6/15/2020) (aka T&L Guidelines_On-Campus Degrees_AY21):
    (restricted; available upon request)

  4. Spring 2020 Arizona Law Course Schedule with enrollment figures:
    (not available online; available upon request)

  5. Arizona Law Classroom Capacity

  6. Arizona Law Floor Plans:
    (accessible by Arizona Law community only; available upon request)

  7. UArizona Guidance for Experiential Learning (6/21/2020):

    1. Updated Guidance on Credit-Bearing Experiential Learning Activities

    2. Assessment of Risk Management Protocols for Credit-bearing Experiential Learning Activities

    3. Guidance to Departments on Planning for and Approving Experiential Learning Activities:
      (restricted to UArizona community only; available upon request)

  1. Arizona Law COVID-19 Budget:
    (restricted; available upon request)