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Arizona Law "New Safe Return" Plan: 13.0 SUPPORT AND RESOURCES

Guidelines for the College of Law's new safe return to campus


Arizona Law recognizes that COVID has wreaked havoc on our pre-pandemic lives. Today’s unnerving realities of illness, hospitalization, and death; financial challenges and devastation; and unanswerable questions and near-constant change have spawned ubiquitous tension and anxiety. To temper these stresses, we offer the following resources to the Arizona Law community:

  1. A list of local and UArizona resources which can help to mitigate some of the hardships brought on by COVID-19. Examples include food pantries, assistance with dependent care, emergency financial aid, and support for mental and emotional health needs.
  2. For our students, UArizona’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office is available for one-on-one sessions. In addition, through the auspices of Dean Miller, Arizona Law will continue to contract with mental health professionals to provide confidential counseling services to law students during the fall semester as budget allows.
  3. Staff and faculty will be advised to take advantage of the counseling and support offered through UArizona’s Life and Work Connections as well as through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). If preferred, employees may also obtain mental health services through their insurance. Under certain circumstances and for a limited time, these services are offered without co-pay or office visit charges.

Furthermore, the University of Arizona has compiled a wealth of resources available to our community. Please see Mental Health, Wellness & Resiliency (7/21/2020) for more information.

Milestone: Contracted Psychologists: August 1, 2020. All others in place.