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Arizona Law "New Safe Return" Plan: 9.0 LAW LIBRARY

Guidelines for the College of Law's new safe return to campus


The Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library has 17 dedicated staff and faculty members participating in the teaching, research, and scholarship mission of the College of Law. Under this Plan, the library will offer traditional services such as legal research instruction, research support, interlibrary loan, and course reserves. The extent of each service will necessarily depend on Arizona Law campus accessibility, University guidance, and staffing levels. Current hours and services are posted on the law library website.

The law library accounts for approximately 39,228 square feet of the Arizona Law footprint. It consists of two floors, located within the Law Commons Building.

The main level occupies approximately half of the first floor of the Law Commons, and includes 2 classrooms, 8 large study tables, 10 offices including the law journal offices, a circulation desk and course reserves area, public and student computers, and a reference desk. The study tables are divided by partitions or by shelves housing the Arizona law collection.

The lower level takes up the entirety of the ground floor of the Law Commons and includes 3 classrooms (which are available for study when no class), 8 small group study rooms, 20 large tables (not including group study rooms), 32 study carrels, 15 additional small and large round tables, and approximately 30 upholstered couches and chairs, all open and throughout the lower floor.

With social distancing (6 feet), the library (excluding the classrooms) will seat approximately 44 students at single-seat tables, 18 students at study carrels, and 64 students in our soft-seating and modular furniture. The 8 study rooms will be for individual use (or pairs if members of the same household). The 5 classrooms in the library can safely seat 60 people. 

Aside from the Arizona collection on the main level, the physical collections of the library are shelved downstairs by collection type. Also included in the Lower Level is Secured Storage, Law Special Collections and Reading Room, two lactation rooms, and two small storage rooms.

MILESTONE for all aspects of this section: August 1, 2020 unless otherwise indicated. All Milestones Completed

Reference and Research Support

  • Individual research support services for students, faculty, and staff will be offered via Zoom and email. The physical reference desk will be closed until further notice. Requests can be made via email, AskCirculation, or AskLawRef.
  • Special Collections, archival material, and microform will be accessible by appointment only with a demonstrated and immediate research need. Library staff will provide copies of materials where possible.

Access to Library Materials

  • Library staff will page books and physical materials for patrons. Patrons will be able to retrieve checked-out materials at the library entrance.
  • Patrons can retrieve materials for themselves as well. The library will have a self-checkout process in place by August 15, 2020. Completed.
  • Interlibrary Loan and course reserves will be fulfilled with online, electronic resources, and scanning whenever possible; and when necessary with physical materials.
  • Returned materials will be quarantined in accordance with CDC and University guidelines.

Library Space Management

  • Library use will be limited to Arizona Law students, faculty, and staff only. All members of the public, other UArizona students, and alumni will not be allowed to enter without prior approval by the Director of the law lIbrary, or in the Director’s absence, a member of the law library staff in consultation with the COVID Task Force. Requests can be made via email, AskCirculation, or AskLawRef.
  • In order to facilitate social distancing, only those permitted on the Arizona Law campus on any given day will be permitted to use the Library. (Thus, when Red Team is on campus for classes, Blue Team may not use the library without permission.) Exceptions may be granted in advance by the Director of the law library or, in the Director’s absence, a member of the law library staff in consultation with the COVID Task Force. 
  • Signage shall be used throughout the library to remind patrons of social distancing standards and best practices.
  • The library will have one-way arrows indicating entrance and exit at each library entrance.
  • One-way pathways shall be designated through small hallway areas, doors, and on the Grand stairway.
  • Students can use an online reservation system (LibCal) to reserve study rooms, tables, and carrels for 2-hour blocks of time. MILESTONE: August 15, 2020. Completed.
  • All study rooms will be single occupancy, and users will be advised to sanitize before and after use. Extra chairs will be removed. (Two-person occupancy may be permitted for members of the same household.) 
  • Study tables in the upper and lower levels will be limited to one person per table. Users will be advised to sanitize study tables before and after use. Extra chairs will be removed.
  • Furniture throughout the library will be rearranged or removed to facilitate social distancing in common areas. Surplus furniture will be stored on the lower level.
  • Some portions of the lower library are closed to store furniture so as to promote social distancing. Signage will indicate closed areas.
  • The loading dock in the administrative area will be for deliveries only and will not be an entrance or exit for library patrons, faculty, or staff.
  • Personal computer keyboard covers will be provided for the circulation staff.
  • Masks will be required in all common areas in the library, including administrative areas, for all persons in the library. Masks will be available for those who do not have them.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available and distributed throughout the library for use.
  • Sanitizing stations for common areas such as study tables will be available and distributed throughout the library for use.
  • Custodians will clean all patron-accessible surfaces at least once daily, and all staff areas and offices at least once daily.
  • Use of the administrative areas in the library, including the printer/copier and kitchen, will be limited to library staff.

Staff Working Conditions

  • Plexiglas barriers will be installed at the Circulation Desk for staff who frequently interact with patrons and where a 6’ distance is not always practicable.
  • Staff will be provided with sanitization products to keep their work areas cleaned and sanitized between custodial cleanings.
  • All staff offices should be single occupancy at all times. Virtual alternatives, conference rooms, and open space that allow for safe social distancing should be used for meetings.
  • Book trucks will remain available for library staff use only, and staff are responsible for sanitizing before and after use.
  • Air purifiers rated effective against viruses may be installed in areas of the library with poor circulation.
  • The kitchen will be closed except for disinfecting and cleaning purposes; use of the refrigerator will be limited to essential daily food storage.