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Author Search

Click on the Author tab. Search by author information or ORCID ID. The results page provides the information in table.

After selecting an author (by clicking in the checkbox next to the author name), options will appear in the section above the results. From there you can see:

  • all documents by that author

  • view citation overview

  • or submit a request to merge authors

Note: You can also exclude self-citations from your results list. The option(s) are located in the author profile, right under the author name.

Author Identifier

To find the Scopus Author Identifier:

  1. Search for an author or an article they published.

  2. On the search page, click their name. The author's profile will open.

  3. You will find the Author ID underneath their name and affiliation details. 

scopus author ID

How to search using Author Identifier:

  1. Click Advanced Search

  2. In the Advanced search form, use the code selection box and click "AU-ID". The code is entered within the search entry form as AU-ID()

  3. Enter the author identifier within the code's parenthesis. For example: AU-ID(123456789).

  4. Click Search.

How to search by ORCID ID:

  1. Click Author Search

  2. Enter the ORCID ID

  3. Click Search.

orcid search

Author Profile & h-index

Access Author Profiles

  1. Search for an author or an article they published.

  2. On the search page, click their name. The author's profile will open.

scopus author profile

  • Citation Overview: After you have completed the "Author Search", tick the box next to the author name(s) to select, and then click on "View citation overview" at the top of the list of names. This will show a table listing the documents by the author(s), and the number of times each article has been cited by year.
  • Author Evaluator: After you have completed the "Author Search", click on the author's name to go into the author's details page. Next to the listing for "Documents" click on "View Author Evaluator." From here you can examine various aspects of the author's "Documents" including: sources (where published), document types, years of publication, subject areas and co-authors. Other tabs on this page include "Citations" offering a graph of the total number of citations by year of an author's published works and the "h Index" and h-graph (see below).
  • h-Index: This measure is based on the number of the author's published works and the number of citations. The accompanying h-graph displays the "h Index" for an author, a group of authors or selected documents.

Correct Author Information

How to correct author information?

Your Scopus Author Profile (automatically created by Scopus) showcases various indicators including the number of citations, publication history, and h-index. It is important to ensure your profile reflects your information correctly, and the Author Feedback Wizard can help with this task. The Author Feedback Wizard offers the ability to:

  • Set a preferred name

  • Merge profiles

  • Add and remove documents

  • Update affiliation