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Download indicies for imagery & lidar

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Imagery and LiDAR

The UA Libraries provide access to several large Imagery, LiDAR, and DEM datasets from the geospatial archive. These links and map services provide download access to multiple years of imagery produced by the USDA's National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) and the Pima Association of Governments. For additional geospatial data archived by the University of Arizona Libraries, visit the Spatial Data Explorer.


PAG Datasets (login required)

Datasets collected by the Pima Association of Governments are available for University affiliates only. To access these data, visit


NAIP Imagery (public)

With the exception of the 2005 dataset which is 3-band imagery, the NAIP imagery provided here is four band (R,G, B, NIR) imagery covering the state of Arizona. Years 2007, 2010, 2013,  and 2015 are provided at 1m spatial resolution with 2017 provided at 60cm.  To download, select the year and click the map to identify the USGS quarter quadrangle you'd like to download. To obtain larger portions of these datasets, contact the Geospatial Data Manager ( For more information regarding NAIP imagery, visit

NAIP Point Cloud (public)

Using the raw non-orthorectified aerial imagery captured during the 2017 NAIP acquisition, a point cloud was developed as a product using photogrammetric techniques. All PC tiles are provided for download in LAZ format.

To be clear, this is a photo-interpreted point cloud. Although it is the same data format (.laz) as LiDAR it is not actually LiDAR and is not a classified product in the same way as traditional LiDAR. Example of how this data can be used: create DSM and difference against the 2015 DEM to get a rough height-above-ground product.