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ENGL 266 - Young Adult Literature (Spring 2018)

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Niamh Wallace
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Find young adult literature

The library has a rich collection of children's and young adult literature. You can find both fiction and non-fiction titles by browsing the Children's Literature Collection on the third floor of the Main Library or by visiting the Worlds of Words collection in the Education Building. Once you've picked your author, you can search the library catalog by author name to find books.

Find literary criticism about your author

Here are a few places to find literary criticism about the author you picked.


Try searching the library catalog with the author's name as subject to find books and ebooks about that author.

Scholarly articles

What exactly are we searching when use these resources? Generally, the results are articles from academic journals written by literary scholars. Here's a list of academic journals in the field of children's and young adult literature. You can search directly in any one of these to find literary criticism.

Dissertations are another great source of literary criticism. 

MLA citation guide

General research tips

1. Use AND and quotation marks in your searches.


2. Use filters.


3. Know the anatomy of a scholarly article and mine it for other sources.