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The guides and exercises on this page can be used in any order and as needed to support you as you research and write papers for your program. 

How to organize papers

Literature Reviews

Learn how literature reviews and research papers are organized within your discipline

To start, read the information on literature reviews in the chapter linked below as well as the information provided on the UA Libraries website

Next, select one of the sample literature reviews to analyze. 

Finally, print this activity sheet and use it to analyze your selected literature review.

Research Papers

To start, read Writing a Final Report  (at the bottom of page 71 in Chapter 4 of Single Case Research Methodology: Applications in Special Education and Behavioral Sciences


Finally, print the activity sheet and use it to analyze your selected research study.

Use these resources and templates as you prepare to write your own research paper:

How to write an introduction to a research proposal

How to pace and manage writing assignments

Tools to help you manage your research timeline.

Try Trello to create and stick to a timeline.

Try the Dissertation Calculator (good for research papers as well as dissertations) from the University of Minnesota Libraries 

How to paraphrase and integrate quotations into your writing

Learn how to paraphrase and integrate quotations and the research of others into your own writing.

Paraphrasing / Integrating

To start, read the information on paraphrasing contained in the links below.

Next, print the activity sheet and use it to practice identifying correct paraphrases. 

APA in-text citations

How to create an annotated bibliography

How to format APA citations

These guides will show you how to format your works cited page in APA.

APA Citation Guides

Citation Management Tools

How to identify tools and present your information


These resources  provide your options and guidance on how to present your research.

How to check your writing to avoid unintentional plagiarism

Use these tips and techniques to check your work and avoid unintentional plagiarism. 

Google and Google Scholar
Google can be a simple, free, initial step in plagiarism detection.
To run a quick check, paste a sample of the passage that you are working with into Google’s search box. If there is a match with website content, a link to the source will be provided. To detect plagiarism from scholarly works, enter the samples of passages that you'd like to check into Google Scholar, which links to many scholarly databases. (adapted from BU Center for Teaching and Learning)  

The University of Arizona Writing Skills Improvement Program
The Writing Skills Improvement Program (WSIP) was established over 30 years ago in order to help students at the University of Arizona improve their writing skills and achieve academic success.  Workshops, writing groups, tutoring and editing services are available through this program.