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The University of Arizona

SIE 415/515 - Technical Sales & Marketing (Spring 2017)

Website Workshop: Business Dining Etiquette


Paula Johnson
Main Library A212

Emily Post

You may have heard of Emily Post's various etiquette books. She's no longer alive, but her name has become a brand. One of the books is titled: The Etiquette Advantage in Business: Personal Skills for Professional Success.

Getting Started

UA Catmail

You need to login to your Catmail to gain access to Google Sites.

  • Education Account vs. Personal Account: If you have a personal Gmail account as well as a CatMail account, remember to check which account you are logged into. If you are working or collaborating on University or class files, be sure you are logged into your CatMail account.

Business Dining Etiquette Website

Create a website with guidance and advice on Business Dining Etiquette. Your audience: UA students who have little or no experience in business dining situations.

  • At the very minimum, the website must contain:
    • One internal link
    • One external link (any relevant link is acceptable – e.g., Open Table, Zagat Dining Guide, etc.)
    • One graphic feature
    • One advanced feature, such as an embedded video
    • A survey to quiz fellow students on what they learned about business dining from your website
    • Your own words

Some Resources for Business Dinning Website

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