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The University of Arizona

SBS 395A - Introduction to Multi-Disciplinary Studies: Cases in Health and Medicine (Fall 2016)

Use this guide to help you with your literature review assignment.

Find articles

You can also browse for articles in these journals:

One key to being an efficient researcher, especially when you're doing interdisciplinary research, is to know how to quickly scan articles:

  • read the abstract – what's the article about?
  • make note of the journal – what is the journal's title? what subjects or topics does it cover?
  • look at the publication date – is the article current?
  • determine where the authors are from – what are their disciplines or institutional affiliations? 
  • read the methodology section – what research methods did the authors use?

Find books

Search in our library catalog by subject: 

  • medicine and humanities
  • public health
  • medical anthropology
  • medicine in literature
  • medicine in art
  • history of medicine

You can also search WorldCat for any books that we might not own, and we'll get them for you from another library. Learn more about our services for online and distance students.

Find works of art

NYU's Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database is a collection of literature, fine art, visual art and performing art annotations created as a dynamic, comprehensive resource for scholars, educators, students, patients, and others interested in medical humanities. It was created by faculty of the New York University School of Medicine in 1993.