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HIST/MENAS 495E/595E - Struggle & Survival in the Middle East and North Africa (Spring 2015)

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Start Here: Resources for Background Information

Find Biographical Information

Biographical Databases

The UA Library has numerous biographical databases to locate birth/death dates, obituaries, and brief descriptions of specific people.

Find Scholarly Articles

Find Primary Sources

WorldCat Search Techniques:

  • On the keyword search page, type your major search topic into the top line
  • On the second line, change "Keyword" to "Subject"
  • Type any of the following into the Search Box: 
    • sources, interviews, "personal narratives," statistics, diaries, correspondence, biography, archives [“biography” includes both autobiographies and secondary works]
  • Search more than one of these words by putting "or" between words:
    • sources or "personal narratives" or interviews
  • Autobiographical information can be found by changing “Keyword”  to “Author”  and typing in the name of the person

Find Newspaper Articles

Find local, international, historical and ethnic newspapers.

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