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The University of Arizona

FREN 302 - Grammar, Usage, and Composition (Spring 2017)

Essay Assignment

Choose your topic and plan your research strategy

Before you begin searching the literature , make sure you understand the requirements for the project and set target dates for completion of important steps in the research process. The following tutorials can help you with those steps.

Learn how to break down the details of your assignment and develop an effective strategy for meeting the requirements successfully. [From the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.]

Organize and plan your research assignment by creating a customized schedule for the tasks you need to complete.

 For help in topic selection and refinement, review the following tutorials:

Use this mind mapping tool to generate ideas for both focusing your topic and coming up with keywords for searching.

            This tutorial helps you develop a focused research question from a broad topic.

The following tutorials will help you learn how to create effective search strategies, learn techniques for specific databases and evaluate the sources you find.

Choose the right keywords for different research questions.

Use phrases and combine keywords into search strings to find what you’re looking for.

This tutorial provides a guide to spotting inaccurate information on the internet and a list of criteria to look for before using any type of information resource for assignments.