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Education Data Literacy (Spring 2018)

This guide has been created to help you locate research articles to help inform your data-based decision making in the classroom

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Data literacy assignment requirements

This assignment will guide you through the process of using authentic student data to evaluate the outcomes of your teaching and your students' learning. You will be guided by your instructors and follow a series of steps that are mapped out in detail on your assignment sheet. An outline of the steps is below:

  1. Identify three sets of data.
  2. Make 4 observations about the data you have collected.
  3. Develop 1 question that you want to answer based on your observations.
  4. Locate research articles to help refine/revise the intervention that you have identified. If you have not yet identified an intervention, use the literature to help guide the development of one.
  5. Plan your intervention.
  6. Test your intervention.
  7. Assess your intervention.

This guide will provide you tools to successfully locate research articles to help guide your intervention (step 4 of the process).

Locate research articles to either refine or guide your intervention

Your intervention will be based on the questions that you developed in Step 3.

Locating research articles based on your questions will help help you refine/revise or develop an intervention. The literature will show you what others have done to study and address similar questions. If you have not yet identified an intervention, use the literature to help guide the development of one.

The activities below will help you locate research articles (step 4 of the process).

Start by reviewing the Selecting Keywords tutorial

Search ERIC (Tutorial)

Complete this brief tutorial to learn the basics of searching the ERIC Database

Things to avoid

  • Don't expect to find an exact match for your particular questions. You will likely need to find articles that are close to what you would like to study and then use the information in the articles along with your own skills as a practitioner to design and implement your intervention.
  • Popular or non-scholarly articles are not appropriate for this assignment.